Salt Water…..Drink It! Are you crazy?


When I first heard about Himalayan Sole (pronounced so-lay), I not only thought it was pronounced soul but thought you’ve got to be out of your mind to drink that!! What crazy notion is this? However, the more I researched and learned of all the benefits, the closer I came to actually taking the plunge. So what is it? It is completely saturated Himalayan Salt water. This means that the water will become so saturated with the Himalayan salt that it can’t possibly absorb anymore, leaving salt remnants on the bottom of your container.

Before anyone throws their arms up in the air and proclaims that it is unhealthy to drink salt water…we are actually talking about adding sole to water, not drinking it straight…please don’t do that. In fact, if anyone has ever had a mouthful of pure sole, you will know the difficulties of keeping that solution in your mouth. Whenever I have a sore throat or mouth ulcer I take a sip of pure Sole and swill it around my mouth. I try my best to keep that solution in for more than five to ten seconds but mostly my taste buds start a riot and the ghastly solution is expelled with a gut wrenching (not sure where that came from) grunt, ending with a rapid shake of the head from side to side, like a dog expelling water from its coat!!! FYI, it does actually work. Perfect remedy for clearing up sore throats or mouth problems….just please don’t swallow it!! So I finally took the plunge, made myself some sole and starting drinking it, every morning upon waking. Again, not straight but diluted.

So what are the benefits of ADDING sole to your water?

It is great for replacing electrolytes, rehydrating, boosting energy levels and detoxifying the body. It helps improve digestion and balances blood sugar levels. It is a natural anti-histamine, great for allergy sufferers. It helps improve skin, nails and hair. It also balances the body’s pH helping to alleviate acid induced health issues. It helps strengthen veins and promotes bone health. It can help normalise blood pressure and stimulate the metabolism, assisting with weight loss. It has been shown to help lower addiction cravings and help soothe skin conditions. It can also help with mouth problems and sore throats….as previously discussed!! image (41) As a testament to this, my mother has been drinking the sole solution for close to nine months and her spider veins on her legs have decreased by about 2/3. Quite amazing!!!

Can you taste it?

At first, you definitely taste a slight saltiness in the water, not strong, just a hint. However, days later, you don’t even notice the saltiness. Now, after taking it most mornings for months, it just tastes like water. My husband will agree with this, he has it every morning as well and now he can’t taste it at all.

How do I make it?

When making, storing and using your sole, do not use any metal implements or objects as these will de-ionise and therefore degrade your solution.

It is simple. Firstly, you will need the right equipment. A glass jar with lid (not made of metal), a wooden or plastic spoon and Himalayan Salt (food grade if making it for drinking purposes). I personally use granules, however, you can use chunks or finely ground Himalayan Salt, it won’t make any difference as once the water has absorbed the salt, it won’t be able to absorb any more. Start by pouring 2-3cm of salt (or five to six chunks) into the bottom of a glass jar, then pour in filtered water on top until you have approximately 2 cm left at the top of your jar. The water should be filtered and room temperature to warm (not refrigerated). Try not to use tap water due to the number of impurities contained within, it is always better to drink filtered. Give the jar a stir with a plastic/wooden spoon or seal the jar with a plastic/glass lid and give it a shake. Leave it to sit overnight. The next day, check to see if your salt has dissolved. If you still have salt crystals in the bottom of your container then your sole is ready to use. If, however, all the salt has been dissolved, add some more salt crystals and leave it for a couple more hours. There should always be salt crystals left in the bottom of your jar. That’s it!! Your sole is now ready for use. Simple, wasn’t it? Note: your sole will last a long time, there is no need to throw out unused sole. You can keep using it and topping up your water. When all the salt has been dissolved after using and topping up your sole, I like to wash my jar and start from scratch.

How do I make my sole solution ready for drinking?

It is best to take the solution upon rising and on an empty stomach. Take one level wooden or plastic teaspoon of sole and add it to a full glass of water (approximately 250ml) and drink!! You can do this every 24 hours. image (42) Can you use sole for bathing?

Yes, you can bathe in it. A 30 minute bath with sole added has been likened to a three day detox. It will help with electrolyte replenishment, elimination of toxins from the body and any health issues. It makes your skin feel soft and will help with any skin issues you may be experiencing.

How much sole do I put in the bath?

To start with, you may want to make a separate mix for the bath, as you will require much more than your drinking sole. Again, you will need the right equipment. A plastic bucket (or very large container, not made of metal), a long wooden spoon & Himalayan Salt (this does not have to be food grade. You can use any type of Himalayan Salt). Pour enough salt to completely cover the bottom of the bucket (approximately 300gms. This will vary depending on the size of your container). Fill the container with room temperature water (this can be straight from the tap) until you reach 5cm from the top (approximately 3 litres. This will also vary depending on the size of your container). Stir the salt and water with your wooden spoon and then let sit for a few hours (overnight is best). When the water has had time to absorb the salt, check to see if you have any salt left in the bottom of your container. If you do, your sole is ready for use, if not, keep adding salt until you are left with a layer of salt on the bottom of your container. Fill your bath with warm or cool water (not hot) and add the sole. If you wish you can add the left over salt crystals as well (these will dissolve when added to the bath water), however, if you wish to have another bath, I would keep the salt to make another solution of sole.

How long should I sit in the bath for?

It is important to sit in the bath for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. Do not eat just prior to bathing. Do not use soap products whilst in the bath and when finished you should pat yourself dry and make sure to hydrate your body by drinking a glass of pure water.

I don’t have a bath, how can I obtain similar results?

You can use a Foot Spa or a Bucket and just submerge your feet. Make your sole as above. Pour warm water (not hot) into your Foot Spa or bucket until 2/3 full, then add 1litre of your sole. You can experiment with different solutions including adding Epsom salts, essential oils etc. Recipes will be added to the website very soon. Himalayan Foot Soaks can help cracked heels, fungal skin infections and wounds. You can have a foot soak daily, especially if you have any skin problems on your feet, however, once a week is fine. image (43) How often should I have a sole bath?

Once or twice a week is more than enough. If you prefer to go longer in between baths, that is fine too.

Do I have to make sole to gain the benefits in a bath?

No, of course not. You can simply pour your Himalayan Salt or place your Salt Chunks directly into the bath or Foot Spa. However, making sole just assists with the absorption of the salt into the water without your bath water turning cold before the salt has had time to absorb!!! salt Can everyone drink sole or bath with Himalayan Salt Crystals?

Always seek advice from your doctor or health care professional, especially if you have an existing health problem, are pregnant or nursing.

Where can I purchase some Himalayan Salt from?

You can find Himalayan Salt at Melanie’s Holistic Healing or at any reputable Health Food Store. You can also find it in most supermarkets.

For any further details, please contact Melanie’s Holistic Healing. Disclaimer: Melanie’s Holistic Healing makes every effort to provide accurate information. Readers should evaluate the findings for accuracy and up to date relevance themselves. Before attempting to use any of the suggestions listed in this article, readers should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. Melanie’s Holistic Healing cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, up to date relevance or interpretation of the information contained within this article or its personal use. Melanie’s Holistic Healing does not advise, diagnose or treat medical conditions. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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