Why it’s time to get naked with your desires

Another insightful blog post from Pam Grout. Instead of writing my own this week, I thought I would share this wonderful piece of writing with you all. Enjoy!!

Pam Grout

“Become committed—fully committed—to the experience of happiness.”—The Way of Mastery

Today, I want to talk about innocence and vulnerability and one of the sidewalk cracks we stumble over when claiming the largesse of the universe.

I call it a sidewalk crack because it’s very subtle. There’s an underlying belief that we shouldn’t admit we want riches, joyous relationships, rewarding work. What if people think we’re selfish? What if we piss God off?

So we’re in conflict. We have desires, but we don’t want to admit them. We pinch them off. We hide them under the bed. Desire, after all, is a blot on the spiritual path. Isn’t it?

But what if desire IS the spiritual path, what if it’s the animating force that propels us forward, that effects beautiful transformation on the planet?

What if desire is actually God in action? And by suppressing our desires, we’re actually crippling God.

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