From Poor Health to Vibrant Health – How we helped our Golden Retriever using an Holistic approach

I’ve had a few people asking how my gorgeous girl, Bella is in such great health after a ‘not so good’ prognosis in the first few years of her life. Mostly, it is from people who have animals who are suffering with similar prognosis, so here is my personal story. As with everything, this is … Continue reading From Poor Health to Vibrant Health – How we helped our Golden Retriever using an Holistic approach

The Nitty Gritty of Dreams

Last time we looked at how your dreams are a gauge of your emotional state. Today we expand on this by looking at the symbolic meaning behind the dream. I’m going to do this by answering some questions that some people recently sent me. The way you feel in a dream and upon waking is … Continue reading The Nitty Gritty of Dreams

Dreams – A gauge of your emotions

Dreams. What are they? They are a series of events, situations and symbols that you experience whilst in a sleep state. Is that it? No, not even close. After years of interpreting dreams, I’ve come to realise that dreams are not only a prelude to manifestation in our waking reality, but are another avenue of … Continue reading Dreams – A gauge of your emotions

Echoes in the Universe – Why won’t my life improve?

Lately, I have seen many people pleading with the universe for money and a myriad of other requests. They are pleading and asking others to plead with them. They are desperate and when they don’t receive their request of money or a car or a house or any of their other desires, they proclaim that … Continue reading Echoes in the Universe – Why won’t my life improve?

Relationships – Your personal mirror!

This week, the topic was going to be about ‘beliefs’ with regards to the Law of Attraction, however, I am going to postpone this topic and talk about something else…..relationships. Do you want to know how you are feeling? Do you want to be shown exactly how you feel about yourself? Do you want to … Continue reading Relationships – Your personal mirror!

Appreciation = Looking with love!

This week we look at how to focus using appreciation. With regards to the Law of Attraction this must be one of the most important keys to achieving happiness.  Let’s face it….that is what everyone is striving for….happiness. We all think it will be when we win the lottery, when we snag our ‘soul mate’, when … Continue reading Appreciation = Looking with love!

Towers of Beauty – Selenite Crystals

Selenite, Satin Spar, Desert Rose and Gypsum Flower are all varieties of the mineral known as Gypsum. This mineral is composed of calcium sulphate dehydrate. It is written chemically like this CaSO4·2H2O. With regards to these four varieties of Gypsum, today we are going to concentrate on the Selenite variety. The name ‘Selenite’ comes from the … Continue reading Towers of Beauty – Selenite Crystals

Are you having SPAM moments?

Even those of us who are aware of the fact that we are each creating our lives and everything in them with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, have SPAM moments!! When I say SPAM, I’m talking about computer messages, not the canned, precooked meat! I like to think of my negative, irrational thoughts as personal … Continue reading Are you having SPAM moments?

Salt Water…..Drink It! Are you crazy?

When I first heard about Himalayan Sole (pronounced so-lay), I not only thought it was pronounced soul but thought you've got to be out of your mind to drink that!! What crazy notion is this? However, the more I researched and learned of all the benefits, the closer I came to actually taking the plunge. So … Continue reading Salt Water…..Drink It! Are you crazy?